The Hottest Strip Club in Queens

  I would like to consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to cabarets. From New York to Miami to Atlanta all the way to Puerto Rico. I have been there, I have enjoyed them and I have accessed them. All in all there are different types of strip clubs and there are different types of customers.

  Starlets Cabarets has taken entertainment to another level. With ( and I can say this with certainty ) the hottest dancers in NYC from New york, New Jersey and even Philadelphia! It is one collage of big booties, big breast and and bounty of beautiful faces. This is one place where you can’t decide who you would rather dream about, the dancers or the bartenders. Even the customers which consists evenly of men and women are equally as beautiful.

   The music is strictly hip hop, where there are several guest DJ’s, such as DJ Camillo and DJ Flipstar, just to name a few. There are constant celebrities appearances who just come out to enjoy the scenery such as Red Cafe, Future and Fabulous. 

   Starlets is open 7 days a week but the nights that are promoted by the masterminds Hitlist Entertainment, who have managed to combine a strip club and a dance club experience all in one are Wednesday’s and Sundays.

   I am not saying you should come out to starlets, but if you do, you will be back!

In closing, Starlets Cabaret is an experience that you must have at least once in your life. Put it on your bucket list!

….. And this is the word according to POLO.